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Taxinge Castle – a Mälaren castle full of life

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Taxinge Castle and its vicinity have a rich history. As a young boy, August Strindberg lived in the Bellgarden some summers, for example. He was captivated by the beautiful lady of the castle, Ebba Augusta, and is said to have taken her for a model when he wrote “Miss Julie”. The castle has also taken part in some movies: Ingmar Bergmans “Cries and Whispers” and the wedding scene in Bille August’s “Den goda viljan” in english “The Best Intentions”.

Taxinge Castle café. In the “Cake Castle”, you can get a taste of northern Europe’s largest cake buffet. Everything is baked locally. No artificial ingredients or semi-manufactured products as far as the taste buds can savour. What do you think about exciting names like Treasure Chest, Gemmy or Almond Flower? There are about 60 different kinds, from Sacher torte to carrot cake. For the truly hungry, we offer good sandwiches as well. A big feast for both eyes and stomach. Choose to sit inside the castle, in the castle yard or in the promontory garden overlooking Gripsholm Bay.

Wedding or banquet. A festivity at Taxinge Castle gives you memories for a lifetime. And the church of Taxinge is a charming place for a wedding, within walking distance from the castle. You will have the entire building to yourself, and there’s usually an exhilarated family atmosphere. Taxinge’s own cooks offer generous classical mansion cuisine. Many choose some sort of game such as elk, deer or wild boar, but there are many alternatives. We even have our own florist who can help with the bride’s bouquet and the decorations in the church and on the dining tables.

Conferences. Taxinge Castle is a respected place for day conferences. The atmosphere is relaxing and cosy. With only 60 km to Stockholm and even less to many towns in the Mälaren valley, Taxinge is a natural hub of activity. There are lecture halls as well as group rooms with full conference equipment. Combine your business with a good mansion lunch. Or perhaps some of the challenges that the Base Camp offers? The Base Camp is our team training and adventure arrangement, which is located a few stone’s throws from the castle (

Culture and Crafts. The wings around Taxinge Castle are bustling with activity. Our castle shop sells kitchenware, knickknacks, cloth, good juices and lots more for both old and young. A group of artisans and some exhibitors sell artistic and designer objects. There’s also a separate gallery where artists arrange their own temporary exhibits. What’s more, you can drop in on the silversmith Birgitta Sanitate, who has her studio and shop here.

In the 13th century, the township’s name Taxinge meant “home of the young badgers”. At that time, a “tax”, which today means a dachshund, was a badger and nothing else.

Welcome to Taxinge Castle!
60 km south of Stockholm on a beautiful promontory at Gripsholm Bay at the Mälaren Lake. You can also take a steamboat from Stockholm via Mariefred.

Telephone: +46-159-701 14